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Dog Grooming Auckland – Showing Love to Your Pets

Every pet owner knows that taking care of your pets is essential in creating a meaningful bonding experience. Your pets need physical grooming to maintain their hygiene and health.

Dog Grooming Auckland

Grooming does not have to be expensive it just has to be quality and value for you dollar and pets comfort. As much as we emphasize the issue, your pets comfort for oue business ultimately does come first for us.

Pet groomers are professionals whose goal is to enhance your pet-owning experience. We are required to carefully observe your pet’s needs in regards to this. We work closely with veterinarians and in my case its when assessing the physical welfare of your pets. Every time you choose to groom your pet, it is an experience and an investment to both you as the owner and again, your pet.

Nail Trimming

Regular trimming of nails is essential to all pets, especially cats and dogs as they have habits of scratching. Be careful not to cut too short that will cause bleeding and obvious discomfort to your pet and this is what we don’t want to happen. Cut them with a pet nail trimmer until a dark circle is seen in the center of the nail bed.


This is to make sure that no knots are spread on the furnishings. You need to brush the beard, legs and underskirt to be certain. Do the pet grooming brush in an upward motion and against the natural lay of your pet’s hair. Start from the top of the leg and go downward as you brush.


I’ve mentioned this before about bathing. Your  pets need bathing every now and then. Frequency of bathing depends on the variation of pets. Make sure that the water is not too hot. Be careful about getting water and shampoo in your pet’s ears, mouth and especially their eyes.


You may prevent tangling by not rubbing out the excess water on your pet’s hair after bath. Instead, squeeze water out. You can even use a drier. Brush in a downward motion from the beard to the eyebrows. Start from the legs up with the pin brush replaced with a slicker brush when hair is dry.

The Do nots in Pet Grooming:

  • Don’t punish your pet if it does not respond to its grooming schedule. They like to be left alone and may not be comfortable of the human touch. Please understand that in the beginning they may not respond positively to the routine of grooming.
  • Don’t let your pets play with the pet grooming tools. Don’t let them play with their clippers or brushes. They may mistake grooming as play time.
  • Never  hurt your pet with a grooming tool (I know its obvious but you’de be surprised) or else your pet may associate grooming with punishment. He will then avoid grooming sessions each time he sees these tools
  • Start early with your pets. Groom them at an early age so they will get used to dog grooming routine more easily.

Grooming pets is not an easy job. Your pet groomer has to be very patient and should have attended pet grooming classes and years of actual experience in pet grooming. Never hesitate to give your most loved pet the pampering it needs. Use Dog Grooming Auckland services and keep your pet in the best of health.

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