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Auckland, New Zealand is known as the city of sails for its view of yachts across the cityscape. Whether you’re here to experience its tranquil natural beauty or participate in exciting events that our city has to offer. Professionals in Dog Grooming Auckland is something that is not to be missed so if you happen to be in the city with your canine, worry not finding an affordable dog grooming salon because its as easy as it sounds.

Dog grooming is one of the many essential needs for your dog and obviously you know this by visiting the site. They need physical care to feel and look their best. Luckily, they don’t have to bathe as frequently as people do but its important  to keep it on schedule. Generally, grooming depends on your dog’s breed and hair type.

Owning a dog provides you with great enjoyment and companionship.and every owners goal  is to properly care for the dog in  a positive, loving and effective manner. At Lucys Dog Grooming we can help you with many dog grooming services.

Hair Brushing

Most dogs just love being brushed. This maintains a healthy coat on them. The intensity and brushing or strokes will depend on your pet’s hair type. Our salon provide the right tools and  we follow specific to our philosophy guidelines for the comfort of your pet. This is so important to us.

Nail Trimming

Most dogs dislike having their paws handled, much less their nails trimmed. To avoid this, their nails should be trimmed correctly with care, expertise and caution. Most dogs need to have their nails trimmed every month depending on their nails’ growth.


It is imperative that dogs be bathed adequately although weekly baths are not harmful  to your dog either. Use a shampoo that’s soap-free that’s especially made for dogs Groomers

Ear Care

Your dog’s ears should be kept clean from bacteria and yeast. Some dogs that have chronic ear illness require multiple cleanings a day but this would be a vet line approach rather than a at home job because the dogs inner ear skin is very tender.


Dogs whose hairs continuously grow need their hair cut as often as every 2 to 4 weeks. Owners may learn some basic haircuts to maintain their pet’s hair. Dog grooming tips can soon be found on our website.

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