Our Dog Grooming Auckland Philosophy | Lucy's Dog Grooming

At Lucy’s Dog Grooming Auckland Facility, we dog groom with difference. It is foremost important to us the comfort of your pet dog.At Lucy’s we maintain a calm and peaceful ambience within our facility.

Our environment is always DOGGY friendly. Dogs are received and handled as if they were our own. All of our Staff are aware to ensure that the dogs needs and comfort come first, observing their acceptance to the dog grooming procedure.

At Lucy’s we eliminate threatening and fearful situations for your dog, by having pets held on a table by staff while being groomed. We do not implement the “noose” technique. Our objective is to ensure that your pet will not be afraid throughout the dog grooming experience.

We have beds set all around our facility for your dogs comfort. Our dogs love to wait their turn. This again creates a friendly low stress environment. We do not use cages within our facility either.

Our facility is extremely well controlled and safe for all pets, owners and staff.

I personally choose to implement successful techniques to soothe and calm your dog during the dog grooming process. Most of these are just genuine big cuddles, talking to your dog, and expressing our natural love for dogs.

As a professional dog groomer ( Dog Grooming Auckland ) with over 20years experience I still consistently update my dog grooming skills. I attend various seminars throughout Australia and New Zealand. My heart and soul is always in my work and passion of Dog Grooming.