Dog Groom Vine News Update | Lucy's Dog Grooming Auckland

We hope that everyone has come through winter without too many sniffles and sneezes!  Thanks again to all our clients for their ongoing support.


We will be doing a complete renovation of the Bathing Area and will be closed for the week of Monday 10th of September to Friday the 14th of September 2012.


Since Abbotts Way has been upgraded vehicle use has also increased dramatically.  Please ensure that your dog is on a lead before opening your car door. (Perhaps keep a spare lead in the car.) We do have the fence up in front, but a pet could decide to go the other way – out the gate and onto the road!

Our payment options are EFTPOS, Cash or Cheque.  SORRY NO CREDIT CARDS.  Please make your payment when collecting your dog. Allow a minimum of 2HRS for grooming.  If you have another appointment that could prevent you from picking up your pet soon after grooming, please let us know. Please keep your mobile switched on. A half day fee of $20 is to be added to grooming if your pet is left without a pre-arranged late pick up time.

BARKING DOGS: While all our pets enjoy coming in for grooming, they also want to go home as soon as possible afterwards. They are mostly very patient, but there is the odd one that says “enough is enough”!  We work hard to make our grooming as pleasant as we can and a happy place for them.  If you know that your pet is a Barker, please pick them up as soon as possible as our premises are in a residential area and we don’t want to upset any neighbours – so far so good!

TOILET pets at home before bringing them for grooming as it is most offensive when clients enter our office and pets have waited too long to defecate or urinate.  We can offer a plastic bag if pets need to be walked outside on our lawn area.

PRIOR TO GROOMING: On grooming day, please avoid long walks in wet parks, near ponds and muddy areas as we cannot groom/cut a wet, muddy dog. A cut before bathing must be done on a dry coat.

ANY DOG WITH HAIR NEEDS GROOMING: We are happy to provide our clients with all the grooming information they need for FREE.  Please call us before your pet’s coat becomes unmanageable.  We will show you how to use the right tools for the best results.

DE-MATTING: This is easily missed –Test your pet’s coat with a comb before your grooming appointment.  Matted coats take longer to groom and we cannot predict a finishing time.  Extra charges for de-matting are for time spent over and above the normal grooming time.

GROOMING TIPS:  During winter your pet still needs grooming.  Please don’t leave long coats to grow and then get shaved off in the end.  Matted coats “JAM”, as well as BLUNT the blades – hence the EXTRA time taken for de-matting before we can complete the groom.  To prevent matting of your pet’s coat we recommend a Bath, Brush and Tidy (Face, Feet and Rear End trimmed) between main grooming appointments.

TRAINING: Training is a life time investment for you and your pet.  Check who leads who – how well your pet behaves during home grooming, obedience, biting, barking, etc.  We recommend  “FLIP”.  Please call us for further information.

APPOINTMENTS: WE ARE ALMOST BOOKED OUT FOR DECEMBER!  Please call for your end of the year appointment to avoid disappointment. It is now advisable to pre-book your next grooming appointment (it can always be changed if you can’t make it).  Please AVOID calling on the day for an appointment unless it is URGENT as refusal often offends.

Our opening times are:           8.30am – 4.30pm

Our appointment times are:    9.00am – 1..30pm

During the summer months our appointment times are extended.

Please note: NO SATURDAYS