Important Notice For Our Clients | Lucy's Dog Grooming Auckland

Due to a large number of clients bringing in their large dog’s for de-matting that HAVE NOT been regularly groomed, we can no longer accept new big dogs. We will continue to service our existing clients who do have big dog’s. We simply ask that you please be fair and reasonable in these type of circumstances. The reason for this is that it is VERY time consuming to de-matt a large dog that has not had regular grooming.

Therefore we will increase our price due to the longer amount of time required for this procedure takes.

Please note the normal rate does not apply. Our normal rates are based on dogs that have been REGULARLY groomed. We do recommend this to be fair on all parties especially your pet dog.

Please also note:

We prefer not to quote over the phone as dog’s and their individual circumstances will vary.  In order to provide our customers the best price and service, an in house visit is always going to be more precise on costing.

Thank you.