Days at Lucy’s Dog Grooming | Lucy's Dog Grooming Auckland

Thank you all so much for your generous and thoughtful gifts. We were all spoilt with chocolates, biscuits and cakes that all went down a treat. I believe our diary shows this was a record December with one day reaching 41 Dogs!! It’s important to book early so thank you.

Just a few updates for our clients that will help us service your Dog for Grooming better.

Dog Grooming Products: We sell shampoo and dog grooming tools. We use these oursleves. We also have Maggies biscuit variety. They are well made and super delicious! If you purchase our shampoo and conditioners, please hold onto the containers and we can just refill these for your next fill.

Tags: Please attach the disc to the collar loop sliding them on just allows them to slide back off.

Children: Please prior to entry into our facility advise children NOT TO APPROACH WAITING DOGS. We do not know what other peoples dogs are like with strangers so it is a safety issue for our visitors. We also ask for quietness as best as possible please.

Pick Up’s: PLEASE PLEASE wait for our call. We will text you or call you when your pet dog is ready for pick up. Just have your phone switched on. Pets get very excited if they hear you and this makes finishing the dog grooming process take longer and at times more difficult.

Arriving: We cannot groom out a wet muddy dog. Please avoid parks and ponds before coming in for a dog groom.

Leads: Keep a spare in your car please. The $2 shop has some very adequate ones.

Payments: On Pick up please pay by Cash, Eftpos or Cheque.

Viewing: You are welcome to look through our premises before or after grooming your pet dog. We request not during the dog grooming process because this will distract your dog.

Dogs in season: As you know our dogs are not caged and at this time it is very upsetting for other dogs about. Please change your dog appointment. Also some of our male dogs are not neutered so its important to consider this not be taken for granted. We would appreciate your consideration.

Most times we are not told about this and we want to keep our facility safe for everyone by doing our best to keep dogs apart!

Appointment Cards: Please take one sometimes your appointment time is forgotten when you get home so of course, an appointment card will help.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and custom into our business. We are truly grateful!

Hoping 2011 is going well for you all!