My new videos page | Lucy's Dog Grooming Auckland

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let visitors to my website and my great clientele know about my new video page CLICK HERE. It has some pretty cool videos about what we do here and if your contemplating using a new dog grooming service, this will give you an ample look in at how we do things here at Lucy’s Dog Grooming in Auckland.

One of my customers who’s dog Rosy is one of the star’s in the video wanted to write something here… thanks Bonny.

Lucy is my “go to” person for dog grooming my beautiful Rosy. If you’re a dog owner like me, you’ll know exactly what emotions are attached to owning and caring for our  dog’s. Rosy is everything to me and bringing her here and leaving her in Lucy’s care, I don’t blink an eye lid with worry. Lucy’s energy is genuine and real and deeply connected to all dogs in her care. She is so professional in what she does. I would not take Rosy anywhere else, end of story! Thank you Lucy…..

Bonny Brown

Thank you for your time and for visiting my website!