Dog Grooming Tips | Lucy's Dog Grooming Auckland
Owning a dog as we all know is not only a huge responsibility, it is a committment for life to care and love your dog for as long as you have it with you. Dog Grooming should start from the day you take your new puppy or dog home! Step 1: Secure your pet up on a table, put a mat down or a towel if the surface is slippery and of course when I state secure your dog down I don’t mean tie in any way “noose like “. Just ensure he/she is stable and safe. Step 2: Gently inspect your dog’s mouth, teeth and ears, check your dog’s feet and their nails. Step 3: Now using the correct brush and comb, begin grooming your pet dog. Remember to do a little bit at a time, be patient talking to you dog throughout, and give your dog the opportunity to get used to what’s taking place. Step 4: Your pet must be completely free of knots and tangles before bathing otherwise they will cement in. Use a shampoo appropriate for your pets skin and coat type. The key to a clean dog is the use of plenty of fresh water. By using shampoo which is diluted with water and scrubbing the coat with a sponge you will achieve a clean dog. Should the rinse water still have dirt coming off the dog, repeat the procedure until the rinse water is clear. For stubborn dirt that never seems to go, use a slicker brush or a rubber scrubber can aid in removing the dirt of your pets coat. Once your pet is clean, towel dry and comb through the coat while it is till damp to remove any tangles which have occurred during the bathing procedure. And that’s it, following these steps and you have ahieved a very high standard of Home Dog Grooming and your dog will reflect this in their appearance and no doubt love you for it as well. At Lucys we sell a lovely selection of shampoo’s and conditioners and a range of other products at our facility. Dog Grooming Auckland by Lucy 59 Abbotts Way, Ellerslie 1050, New Zealand (09) 523 3296