Smooth Coat Dogs Process:

Careful brush and comb out. Check for skin abrasions, bumps or any unusual skin conditions prior to the washing process. De-matting is done at this time if necessary.

Lucy’s grooming regime includes your dog being washed in a temperature controlled, refreshing, hygenic hand-held shower system with a therapeutic cleansing massage. There is a minimum of two shampoo sessions. (We don’t do a bath or hydro-bath as we believe only clean water touching your dog is the most hygenic).

Your dog is then towel dried, combed through, then dried using a hand held drying process (we don’t cage dry here).

We use a medicated shampoo (or you are welcome to bring your dogs own prescribed shampoo) and conditioner. A flea shampoo and veterinary purchased ear cleaning formula are available on request at no extra charge.


Brush out, wash & blow dry


Nails are clipped

SMALL (4-10kg)
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LARGE (14kg+)
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