Policies and Procedures

1. Bookings: Pre-book the next groom upon pick-up as a short notice request cannot guarantee preferred day or time.

2. Missed Appointments: “NO SHOWS” We understand things get busy, we really do, but not turning up to your appointment is a HUGE cost to our business. If you need to cancel your appointment we ask that you phone us a minimum of 24 hrs prior. We may fill your space if given adequate time. We reserve the right to charge for missed appointments and
same day cancellations. Your support is greatly appreciated.

3. Full Disclosure When Booking:
Matting Let us know if your dog is matted. De-matting takes extra time and we must allow for this to prevent delays for both you and our other clients as we will not compromise the quality of our work. (more on the dematting process at our website)

Been in Kennels? We have a 10-day stand down time and will not groom dogs coming out of kennels until after 10-days.

Puppies. Must have all their vaccinations and a minimum of 10 days after their final vaccination before coming to us.

4. Reminders and Missed Appointments: Early reminders (two days prior) are sent. A prompt response requiring a change of date lets us accommodate someone on our waiting list. Note: We may charge for missed appointments ‘no shows’ or very late (same day) cancellations.

5. Health Issues: Do not feed breakfast beforehand and toilet your dog before leaving home. Occasionally dog accidents occur (vomiting or diarrhoea) which delays our staff when they have to isolate and sterilise an area so all dogs are kept safe. If your dog is unwell talk to us beforehand as we may ask you to reschedule.

6. Drop Off: We have a 10-minute maximum off-street drop off and pick up area. Parents please keep your children under control when in our waiting room and do not touch dogs other than your own.

7. Grooming Style: Be very specific with the type, cut, style you want as we follow your instructions. If you feel we didn’t get it right we have a five working days policy for you to come back to us for a ‘redo’.

8. Length of Stay: Allow three hours for a full groom. We will contact you (via text message) when your dog is ready. Wait for this notification and then collect your dog asap as we are not a daycare service. If you need a specific (and realistic) time let us know upon arrival so we can be as accommodating as possible. Don’t drop by on the offchance. If it hears you it becomes so excited that grooming becomes impossible. Best to give us a call if you want to see how far away your dog is from being finished. Matted dogs and those that are hard to handle take two staff away for working on other dogs and therefore cause delays. If we find we are running behind schedule every attempt will be made to let you know.

9. Keeping Costs to a Minimum: Between professional grooms we expect you to do home grooms (see instructions). If we discover there is additional work required (extremely dirty, matted, etc) these unforeseen requirements cause us to run behind schedule and delays our grooming for others. We do not dematt a dog booked in for a micro-groom. A complete brush and comb must be completed by you just prior to bringing your dog in.

Lucy’s De-Matting Process: We do not SHAVE dogs with matted coats as it can cause serious skin issues. Before cleansing and trimming a dog we clear the coat by brushing and combing it out. As two groomers are required to work on one dog, there is an extra charge for our de-matting time which is $60/hour or part charge (eg $15 for 15 minutes)

10. Bitches in Season: For safety and hygiene reasons we will not groom female dogs if they are in season. Any arriving in season will be turned away and requested to reschedule.

11. Ear Plucking, Anal Glands, Teeth: We do not pluck ears, express anal glands or clean teeth. Please take these requirements to your veterinarian. (see our Veterinary Advice Sheet for reasons why)

12. Medications: Under no circumstances will we administer drugs or tranquilisers to your dog.

13. Upon Collection: While grooming your dog, should we see anything at all that concerns us (eg ear infections, new lumps or bumps, out of character behaviour) we will let you know.

14. Payment is required on pick-up as we do not send invoices. We accept cash, eftpos or cheque as payment for our services. Sorry no credit cards or on-line banking.

15. Veteran Dogs With respect to veteran dogs (especially 15+ years) we sincerely regret that due to unknown stress levels on older dogs and being emotionally draining on our staff, we will not be able to accept any new dogs in this age bracket.Existing clients (especially dogs 15+ years) please note we will need to groom your dog as the first appointment of the day to avoid any unnecessary stress and anxiety with other dogs present and you will need to collect as soon as you’ve been advised he/she is ready. While all care and attention is given to these veterans, we accept no liability.

Thank you for your understanding.