Our Grooming Process

Careful brush and comb out, Check for skin abrasions, bumps or any unusual skin conditions prior to the washing process, Dematting is done at this time if necessary.

  1. Lucy’s 8-step Regime which includes your dog being washed in a temperature controlled, refreshing, hygienic, hand-held shower with a therapeutic cleansing massage. There is a minimum of two shampoo sessions. (We don’t do a bath or hydrobath as we believe only clean water touching your dog is the most hygienic.)
  2. Your dog is towelled dry, combed through and dried using a hand held drying process. (We don’t cage dry here.)
  3. In our cutting/clipping area, in addition to the groomer she is also assisted by a handler. (We don’t ‘noose’ your dog.

Full Groom: (steps 1-3) Your dog is then groomed/clipped all over to your specific requirements with the assistance of another handler.

Mini Groom: (steps 1-3) We tidy your dog’s face, feet and sanitary areas with the assistance of another handler.

Micro Groom: Steps 1-3 only.

  1. Nails are trimmed and your dog waits on his/her bed in our departures lounge for your collection.

Below are images of OUR PREMISES at Lucy’s Dog Grooming.