Our Dog Grooming Services

We prefer not to quote over the phone as dog’s and their individual circumstances will vary.  In order to provide our customers the best price and service, an in house visit is always going to be more precise on costing.

On arrangement you can drop your pet off before work and make a specific time for pick-up.

For after hours and picking up your pet must be by specific arrangement also. We do understand the hectic schedules most people face today and the occurrence of unexpected happenings so we are here to help our customers to the best of our ability and simply request the same courtesy.

However as mentioned on our homepage, busy lifestyle or limited time? If your dog attends The Dog Club Daycare situated next door to us (www.thedogclub.co.nz)  you have the added opportunity for us to simply collect from there, groom, and return – how easy is that?

Our Dog Grooming Process:

Careful brush and comb out, Check for skin abraisons, bumps or any unusual skin conditions prior to the washing process, Dematting is done at this time if necessary.
Lucy’s 8-step Regime which includes your dog being washed in a temperature controlled, refreshing, hygienic, hand-held shower with a therapeutic cleansing massage. There is a minimum of two shampoo sessions. (We don’t do a bath or hydrobath as we believe only clean water touching your dog is the most hygienic.)
Your dog is towelled dry, combed through and dried using a hand held drying process. (We don’t cage dry here.)
In our cutting/clipping area, in addition to the groomer she is also assisted by a handler. (We don’t ‘noose’ your dog.)
Full Groom: (steps 1-3) Your dog is then groomed/clipped all over to your specific requirements with the assistance of another handler.
Mini Groom: (steps 1-3) We tidy your dog’s face, feet and sanitary areas with the assistance of another handler.

Micro Groom: Steps 1-3 only.
Nails are trimmed and your dog waits on his/her bed in our departures lounge for your collection.

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Vet Lines (What we don’t do and why)

Please note the importance of the following information below.

While I was a Vet Nurse for many years there are particular procedures that I personally choose not to perform in my Dog Grooming practice. Specifically because of the adverse effects these practices have on your dog. These processes in our opinion (for the safety of your dog) must be performed by qualified veterinarians.

Your dogs comfort MUST always come first!

These are:

  • No plucking ears
  • No expressing anal glands
  • No scaling of teeth
  • No medicating of pets prior to coming in for grooming or at any stage.
  • We also do not colour or dye pets.

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Our dog grooming philosophy is the dog must be comfortable, relaxed and happy when dog grooming takes place. It is our primary focus. Most times this can easily be achieved through patience, having a natural love  for dogs, talking  to the dogs and of course lots and lots of cuddles!