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At Lucy’s, we will Dog Groom your loved Pet Dog with complete professionalism and ultimate care!

Our experienced team understand the importance of the “Dog Grooming” process and as such, we ensure that we get this right every time. See our Testimonials.

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Lucy’s Professional Dog Grooming Auckland  

Owned and Operated by Lucy Foster (established 1991) over 24 years’  experience.

“For the Love of Dogs” 

Lucys dog grooming auckland

Lucy Foster

At Lucy’s Dog Grooming we have a purpose-built, modern, hygienic and professional dog grooming facility in St Johns, Auckland. We have a convenient off-street drop off/pick-up area. The safety and comfort of your dog is paramount and we  provide 100% personal attention in an air conditioned, safe and stress free environment.  Lucy’s maintains a clinically clean and sterilised environment, following a strict level of disinfecting. We are advised on the protocol steps 1,2,3, and 4 as set out by the Veterinary adviser at Ethical Agents. We seek veterinary advise and adhere to their instructions.

Lucy’s specialises in grooming with a difference: All dogs are handled lovingly by staff and treated to plenty of cuddles throughout their visit, without the use of any ‘nooses’ or cages which could cause anxiety.  Under no circumstances will we administer drugs or tranquilisers to your dog.

About Lucy: With a lifetime of owning and working with dogs (including 30 years as a veterinary nurse) in 1991 Lucy turned her grooming hobby into a professional Dog Grooming Auckland service.  Passionate about ensuring the health and happiness of dogs, Lucy personally trained the team that work alongside her to maintain a consistently high standard of care.  She is dedicated to ensuring the safety and comfort of every dog and a calm and peaceful environment is maintained within the facility. Lucy and her staff are certified in canine first aid.

Lucy’s Dog Grooming Philosophy: ‘Our environment is always doggy friendly. Dogs are received and handled by all our staff as if they were our own. We ensure that your dog’s needs and comfort come first while carefully observing their acceptance during the dog grooming procedures. At Lucy’s there are no threatening or fearful situations for your dog. Our objective is to ensure your dog will not be afraid throughout the dog grooming experience.’ – Lucy

Busy lifestyle? Limited time? If your dog attends The Dog Club Daycare situated next door to us (  you have the added opportunity for us to simply collect from there, groom, and return – how easy is that?

Lucys Dog Grooming

Not turning up to your appointment is a HUGE cost to our Business.
If you need to cancel your appointment PLEASE phone us a minimum of 24 hrs prior.
We may fill your space if given adequate time.

We reserve the right to charge for missed appointments and same day cancellations.
Your support is greatly appreciated. Regards, Lucy and the team.

PLEASE NOTE: Saturday Dog Grooming is now available Strictly by Appointment Only. Call Kate 0225828486 or call our office Monday to Friday (09) 570 6287 Thank you

MORE on Regular Dog Grooming Maintenance

From the day you take your new dog home you need to start your dog’s grooming regime and we can help with grooming hints to use at home. To aid in maintaining optimum skin and coat condition we recommend professional grooms six weekly.

Lack of grooming causes many on-going problems for your dog. Matting (tangling) of hair can be dangerous, especially around the chest area and will also harbour fleas. We have seen interesting tools sold to owners for home grooming purposes that are totally unsuitable and in some cases almost lethal in the wrong hands.

Talk to us about what is suitable for your dog. We are always happy to discuss any grooming needs with you. A free lesson on how to brush and comb your dog is available to all our clients. For more on Home Grooming click here

We also stock all the essentials for Dog Grooming, Safety and Training: (Gift Certificates also available)

All products are available in store.

All products are available in store.